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Holidays with dogs 
in Hinterstoder

Out and about in Hinterstoder with your four-legged friend

You would like to go on holiday but don’t want to leave your four-legged friend at home? At the ALPRIMA Aparthotel, dogs are more than welcome! Simply let us know that you’re bringing a furry companion when you book your stay with us.

Good to know: At the hotel’s reception desk, you can rent water and food bowls as well as a dog bed for a fee.

Mind you: On the aparthotel’s grounds, dogs need to be kept on a leash. Please show consideration for our other guests.

Outdoor adventures with dogs

The extensive network of hiking trails in the mountains of Hinterstoder and the Wurzeralm makes it possible for you and your dog to spend some relaxing time in nature. In summer, you can take long walks through the forests and across blooming meadows, all the way up to the summits. And if your four-legged friend gets a little hot, it can cool off in the crystal-clear mountain lakes – but don’t forget to bring some extra drinking water as well!

In summer, you both can hike where all the flowers are blooming – during the colder months, you can enjoy picturesque winter landscapes. How about a snowball fight with your dog? Or you take it on a nice long ski tour up to the snow-covered summits.

If you prefer to stay on flat terrain, there are plenty of other options for excursions with dogs as well.

What you should always keep in mind, though: You must keep your pet on a leash and check if dogs are allowed on certain routes. The staff at our reception desk will be happy to help you choose the proper ones.

Don’t forget: Whichever trails you walk on, please pick up after your dog. Dog waste bags are available at the reception as well.



Urlaub mit Hund | © Shutterstock
Urlaub mit Hund | © Shutterstock
Urlaub mit Hund | © Shutterstock

Dirty dogs are happy dogs – or something like that …

Your dog is a little mucky pup and has thoroughly enjoyed his walk over hill and dale and through the mud? No problem! To get your furry companion clean again, you may use the washing area for mountain bikes to rinse it off. That’s how the apartment stays spick and span – and you can enjoy some squeaky-clean cuddles after your outdoor adventures together.

The best food for your dog

Depending on the size of your dog, it needs quite a bit of food to stay fit and healthy. But you don’t want to have to bring food for the entire holiday, right? At the hotel’s reception desk, you can purchase plenty of food for your four-legged friend. Or you stop by at the nearest local supplier after one of your excursions – they don’t just have a vast selection of high-quality food but also treats and toys:

  • SPAR Markt Huber: Hinterstoder 15, 4573 Hinterstoder (550 m)
  • ADEG: Hinterstoder 5, 4573 Hinterstoder (650 m)
  • Nah&Frisch: Vorderstoder 58, 4574 Vorderstoder (6,5 km)

Vets in the Hinterstoder area

You’re on holiday and your pet doesn’t feel well? Maybe it got injured during one of your outdoor adventures together? Or you just forgot its medication at home? There is a number of vets in the Hinterstoder area that will be happy to help your dog, so there won’t be a reason to miss out on exciting holiday moments together!

Veterinarian Dr. Johann Langgartner

  • Hengstpassstraße 15, A-4580 Windischgarsten (18,9 km)
  • Phone: +43 7562 5444
  • Mobil: +43 664 2307004
  • E-Mail: dr.langgartner@tmo.at
  • Web: Click here!
  • Mondays and Wednesday to Friday from 10:00 to 12:00
  • Tuesdays and Saturdays from 11:00 to 12:00

Veterinary practice Dr. Dipl. Ulrike Gissing

  • Wiesenweg 9, A-4582 Spital am Pyhrn (20,4 km)
  • To schedule an appointment, please call +43 664 2804290
  • Consultation hour on Thursdays from 17:00 to 19:30
  • On-site medical dispensary and food sales on Thursdays from 17:00 to 19:00
  • Web: Click here!