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The ALPRIMA Aparthotel for sporty holiday guests

You love having a variety of options? Then the ALPRIMA Aparthotel is perfect for you! And it’s not just its great location at the heart of the Stodertal valley that makes it an ideal accommodation for sporty guests. The spacious apartments offer enough room to plan and prepare all your tours and sports days. And after an eventful day, you can relax and unwind in the comfort of your “own” four walls. You’re also independent and can spend your holiday exactly the way you want to.

The ALPRIMA Aparthotel has a few amazing offers for sports enthusiasts:

Lockable ski and bicycle cellar

Each one of the apartment buildings at the ALPRIMA has its own lockable ski and bicycle cellar. In winter, you can dry your ski equipment there and, in summer, you can store your bike – safely locked away, of course!

Washing area for bikes

There’s a washing area for bikes right at the car park. After an exciting day out in nature, you can clean the mud and dirt off your bike and make sure it’s ready for your next ride. That way, both the bicycle cellar and your apartment stay spick and span. But it’s not just your bike, that’ll love a quick rinse off. You can hose down almost anything that got dirty throughout the course of the day – be it your hiking equipment or even your dog. Your car is the only thing you should make an exception for – please, take it to a car wash instead.

Laundry room

An active holiday can leave you quite sweaty – whether it’s in summer or winter. If you don’t want to bring a fresh set of sports clothes for every day of your trip, you have the option to do laundry at the ALPRIMA Aparthotel. There’s a washing machine and dryer that can be used against a fee. Convenient, isn’t it? That’s how you can start every day fresh and clean!

P.S.: You don’t need to bring any detergent. You can buy them directly at the reception.

Renting equipment

You forgot some of your equipment at home? Or you simply want to try a new sport and don’t have any equipment for it yet? No problem! Just stop by at the ALPRIMA Aparthotel’s reception. We can get you the right equipment for your activities – no matter if it’s skiing, mountain biking or climbing. We’ll make sure that there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying your sporty adventure!

Guided tours and courses

You’re quite good at what you do but would like to get even better at it? Or you’re in the mood for trying a new sport? We’re happy to book a course for you. Beginner, advanced or pro – there’s definitely one that’s perfect for you. Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, climbing, golfing, biking or riding – you take your pick!

We’re also happy to advise you on guided tours! The best part about them: You’re accompanied by an experienced local guide. Locals know the area like the back of their hand and can take you to the most beautiful hidden locations that the Stodertal valley has to offer!

No matter which sport you pick, we’ll organize your active day for you!

Winter sports holidays at the ALPRIMA Aparthotel

When you stay right at the Totes Gebirge mountain range, you get to look forward to snow-capped mountains, snowy forests and white meadows as far as the eye can see. If that isn’t a paradise for downhill skiing, ski touring and cross-country skiing! The ski resorts of Hinterstoder-Höss and Wurzeralm – right outside the ALRIMA Aparthotel’s doors – is perfect if you want to spend your holiday on the slopes. But it’s not just skiers who get their money’s worth in Hinterstoder. At the Stodertal valley, there are also plenty of winter hiking trails, cross-country trails, a natural toboggan run and much more!

You’re an absolute winter enthusiast? Discover more of the activities that are waiting for you at the Stodertal valley!

Active summer holidays in Hinterstoder

Where a white blanket of snow covers the landscape in winter, the flowers and trees are blooming in summer. The mountains, forests, pastures and meadows of the Stodertal valley are a true paradise for hikers, mountain bikers and climbers. Sounds amazing? Well, it gets even better: There are also plenty of bathing and fishing lakes, a golf course, equestrian farms and more in the area!

Summer is your favourite season? The Stodertal valley offers a number of activities you can do outdoors, in nature!

Staying active while on holiday with your dog

You love to keep active with your dog? The cool thing about the ALPRIMA Aparthotel: You don’t have to leave your furry companion at home when you go on holiday. Dogs are welcome at the ALPRIMA. So, there’s every reason to enjoy some amazing outdoors adventures together with your four-legged friend!

On bad weather days

The weather doesn’t seem to be on your side? As some people say, “There’s no bad weather, just bad clothing!”. But all those who still prefer to stay dry while exercising, the ALPRIMA Aparthotel has a fitness area that you can use for free. Strength training or endurance training – the choice is yours.

And after your challenging workout? You can treat yourself to a relaxing massage or a visit to the sauna at our wellness area. But even the tough cookies who brave the elements and exercise outside might enjoy a little wellness and relaxation afterwards.