Amriesnerhütte Wurzeralm | © TVB Pyhrn-Priel Sulzbacher
Destinations for excursions
in and around Hinterstoder

Discovering the holiday region Pyhrn-Priel

Various excursions in and around Hinterstoder

The holiday region Pyhrn-Priel is known for its diversity. There are plenty of destinations for excursions in and around Hinterstoder – for couples, families or groups of friends. Boredom? No chance! The scenery at Hinterstoder and the surrounding area is a true natural treasure. And an excursion to the Schiederweiher – the pearl of the Stodertal valley – is a must during every holiday. Even in winter, you may want to hike around the lake. We also recommend excursions to the peat bog Teichlboden-Wurzeralm in Spital am Pyhrn and the Gleinkersee lake. The picturesque and idyllic landscape is bound to take your breath away! Perfect to get a break from everyday life and spend some quality time with friends and family.

Of course, the holiday resort surrounding the ALPRIMA Aparthotel has a lot more to offer than “just” nature! Alongside several national parks, there is a number of churches, monasteries, museums and other attractions that are well worth visiting:

  • power plant and dam wall Klaus
  • Alpineum in Hinterstoder
  • Alpine Museum “Zwischen Himmel und Erde – Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner und die Welt der 8000er“ („Between heaven and earth – Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and the world of 8000-metre mountains“) in Spital am Pyhrn
  • Poachers Museum in St. Pankraz
  • Admont Abbey
  • Kremsmünster Abbey
  • tourist cheese factory at Schlierbach Abbey
  • Cumberland Wildlife Park Grünau
  • Model Railway Club in Spital am Pyhrn
  • Display Bee House Kernhof in Roßleithen
  • and many more!
Stausee Klaus Staumauer | © TVB Pyhrn-Priel Kerbl
Alpineum Hinterstoder | © Gemeinde Hinterstoder
Alpineum Hinterstoder | © Gemeinde Hinterstoder
Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner Museum | © Spital am Pyhrn_Herfried Marek
Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner Museum | © Spital am Pyhrn_Herfried Marek
Wilderermuseum St. Pankraz | © TVB Pyhrn-Priel Sulzbacher
Wild, wilder... Wilderer! Wilderermuseum St. Pankraz | © Haijes
Stift Admont | © Stift Admont

Experience breath-taking views

Panoramic views of the nature

Feel like gazing into the distance for a bit? Then you should definitely visit the Stoderer Weitblick in Vorderstoder. The stunning scenic views of nature and the surrounding mountains make the hour-long walk well worth it – promise!

Alternatively, you may also visit the Wurbauerkogel National Park visitor centre. From its 21-metre-high Panorama Tower, you can enjoy breath-taking views of the mountain panorama – including 21 two-thousand-metre summits!  

Relaxing and dabbling in the water

in only few minutes

In summer or in winter, in great weather or on bad weather days: The two thermal spas near the ALPRIMA Aparthotel are always worth a visit – and they offer something for all ages!

The Mediterrana Spa in Bad Hall is only 50 minutes by car from Hinterstoder. While kids get to dabble in the water and splash around in the pools, parents can enjoy their time at the sauna world Relaxium.

The Acquapulco in Bad Schallerbach can be reached within 50 minutes by car as well. Be it at the pirates’ world, the cabrio spa or the sauna mountain village – fun and relaxation are guaranteed there!

Off to the city!

Discover Linz and Liezen

Bad weather? Or simply in the mood for some shopping? Then, you should go on a day trip to Linz or Liezen. Thanks to the ALPRIMA Aparthotel’s advantageous location near the motorway junction Pankraz, it only takes a few minutes to get to the motorway. From there, you may head north towards Linz or south towards Liezen.

Linz – European Capital of Culture 2009 and UNESCO City of Media Arts – can be reached within an hour and 5 minutes. Once you get there, you may look forward to plenty of sights along with an unparalleled shopping experience.

Sights and attractions in Linz:

  • Linz Schlossmuseum
  • New Cathedral
  • Ars Electronica Center
  • Lentos Art Museum
  • Höhenrausch Linz
  • main square
  • Pöstlingbergbahn

Shopping in Linz:

  • Passage Linz
  • Atrium City Center
  • Arkade Linz
  • Plus City
  • LentiaCity
  • Landstraße Linz
Panorama Linz | © Linz Tourismus_ASigalov
Domplatz  | © Linz Tourismus_Provaznik
Pöstlingbergbahn | © Linz Tourismus_ASigalov
Hauptplatz | © Linz Tourismus
Lentos Kunstmuseum | © Linz Tourismus
Musiktheater | © Linz Tourismus
Pöstlingberg Winter | © Linz Tourismus_ASigalov
voestalpine Stahlwelt | © Linz Tourismus_Robert Josipovic

Liezen is the capital of the biggest Styrian district. It’s known as the Ennstal valley shopping city and impresses visitors with its cultural and culinary diversity. It’s only about 40 minutes away from the ALPRIMA Aparthotel by car.

Sights and attractions in Liezen:

  • Schloss Trautenfels
  • Burg Strechau
  • National Park Experience Centre Weidendom
  • the caves at the Weißenbacher Mauern
  • Wörschach Gorge

Shopping in Liezen:

  • ELI shopping centre Liezen
  • Arkade Liezen
  • Ausseer Straße
  • Pyhrnpark
  • Ennstalhalle
  • plenty of specialized shops downtown
Stadt Liezen | © Stadtmarketing Liezen
ELI Einkaufszentrum Liezen | © Stadtmarketing Liezen
Burg Strechau | © Burg Strechau
Burg Strechau Innenhof | © Burg Strechau
Fußabdruck Erlebniszentrum Weidendom | © Stefan Leitner-Nationalpark Gesäuse
Nationalpark Gesäuse | © Stefan Leitner
Wörschachklamm | © Gemeinde Wörschach
Wörschachklamm | © Gemeinde Wörschach
Schloss Trautenfels mit Grimming | © K_Krenn

Good to know: At the hotel’s reception desk, you’ll receive the Pyhrn-Priel AktivCard. It gets you plenty of discounts and free services. And you’ll have the advantage of special offers at many of the excursion destinations as well!