Active holidays Upper Austria in Hinterstoder

Culture. Nature. Experiences. Out and about.

There will be no dull moment, surrounded by cultural and natural treasures against the backdrop of the mountain scenery. With the Pyhrn-Priel AktivCard you also receive free access to many sights in your active holidays in Upper Austria. Whether you are a shopping king or queen or a real culture vulture, you will find everything you expect and more around Hinterstoder.

Active holidays Upper Austria - sightseeing Hinterstoder

Head to one of the natural jewels, of which there are many in the region:

  • Wurzeralm with many activities for old and young
  • Schiederweiher in the Stodertal
  • Alpine bog Teichlboden
  • Gleinkersee
to the Wurzeralm

Many historic places and architectural highlights are close by in your active holidays in Upper Austria:

  • Wilderer Museum in St. Pankraz
  • Benediktinerstift Admont
  • Benediktinerstift Kremsmünster
  • Model Railway Club, Dairy, Bee House
  • Alpineum in Hinterstoder, Alpine museum by Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner in Spital am Pyrhn
to the Alpine museum

Big city life for a bit of shopping or cultural activities? Linz is just a short drive away on the motorway. Off to the city we go:

  • Linz Schlossmuseum
  • Mariendom Cathedral
  • Ars Electronica Center
  • Lentos Art Museum
  • Shopping in the Passage Linz, Atrium City Center, Linzer Arkade, Plus City or LentiaCity
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ALPRIMA holidays provide for countless adventures
ALPRIMA holidays provide for countless adventures
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Climbing in your holidays Pyhrn Priel - climbing gardens

You’ve had enough for today in your active holidays in Hinterstoder? Treat yourself to some indulgence with a delicious dinner in one of the restaurants or inns in or around Hinterstoder. You want to cook yourself and spend the evening in the peace of your apartment with a glass of wine in hand? Enjoy the way you want to. It is your time. It is ALPRIMA.