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As long as you are not afraid of the odd incline, you can leave the everyday behind with every turn of the pedal. Enjoy unspoilt countryside and the wind on your skin. From long rides to serious mountain biking, single trail, downhill or with electric power, the holiday region Pyhrn-Priel offers a suitable ride for everyone. It’s your tour, your moment. The network of cycling paths stretches over 275 kilometres, inspiring sporting challenges and enjoyment of the natural surroundings.

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Turbulent mountain paths, challenging inclines, spectacular scenery. Choose a tour suiting your experience and skill. Of course, you can also enhance your pedal power with an electric-driven bike. You want to go even higher? Then try some bike and hike to conquer the summits of the surrounding mountains.

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It’s all downhill from here. From the adventure mountain Wurbauerkogel you swoosh down into the valley in your bike holidays in Upper Austria. Four different trails, from beginner to expert, provide for your personal adrenaline boost. Ride the flow, also with electric bikes. For those who want to improve their skills, the pump track at the valley station offers enough opportunity to do so.

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Action-loaded fun winds its way down from 1,400 metres to the Wurzeralm valley station on a length of 4,5 kilometres. In your bike holidays in Hinterstoder you overcome 600 metres of altitude leading you through challenging turns over roots and stones through the forest and meadows. As sometimes the adventures can get a bit dirty, a bike wash area is waiting at the end of your tour.

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On the way up the hills the calves are burning. Downhill, you get the joy of the wind on your face. Ride the serpentines up and down. Saddle your racing bike and enjoy a tour over a mountain pass, a panorama trip or a comfortable ride. Make the streets the setting for glorious adventures in your bike holiday in Upper Austria.

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ALPRIMA holidays provide for countless adventures
ALPRIMA holidays provide for countless adventures
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Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be steep, fast and far to be good. Riding your bike can be a truly relaxing experience in your cycling vacation in Upper Austria. Especially if you take the little ones with you. You can park your bike comfortably in our bike room. And after your adventures you can clean your bike in our bike wash area.